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Catalogue for auction #384
Saturday 10th July- On Site- 17 William Street George Town - viewing from 9:00am on 10 o Jul 2021 @ 10:30

1. Large collection of world keyrings (approx. 150) in case
2. 3x serving platters with closh etc.
3. Assorted stainless serving ware
4. Black and white dinner set
5. extendable clawfoot 6-seat oval dining setting
6. Timber vintage 3-drawer lowboy
7. Xbox, steering wheel and controller
8. PS2, controller and games
9. Vintage 3-drawer wooden dresser
10. 2x pizza stones (Weber) and homewares
11. Children’s book collections (Goosebumps/Horrible Histories)
12. Cash register with keys
13. Cash register with keys
14. 4-drawer wooden dresser
15. Omega 900mm stove gas burners, Electric oven
16. Panasonic microwave, dish rack and coffee machine
17. Large box of Xbox games (approx. 50)
18. Sharp carousel microwave
19. Whirlpool side-by-side fridge freezer (stainless)
20. Gorilla work platform
21. Pioneer twin subwoofers in box
22. 4x fishing rods, net and rod case
23. 2x porcelain fish tiles
24. Antique cream can with vintage brass plate
25. Brad nailer, air compressor, drills etc
26. Bronson folding platform ladder
27. Simpson 7.5kg Ezi set washing machine
28. 4x internal doors
29. Large stainless cooking pots and drink dispensers
30. Mancave magnetic duck shooting gallery
31. Picnic set (new) and wine cooler
32. Shelf of assorted outdoor products inc. flounder light
33. Large box of nerf guns
34. Double doona, duck down and feather
35. Piston trophy, 2 bags of rags
36. 2 shelves of assorted Tasmanian timber bowls etc.
37. American chopper box set & VR headset
38. 4-tier stainless lock shelving unit
39. Large quantity assorted books inc. Tasmania books
40. 2 shelf stainless kitchen bench
41. Assorted automotive oils and carwash
42. Chalk sandwich board and safety signs
43. 2 boxes assorted homewares
44. Jug of vintage cutlery, china and tapware
45. Collection of vintage cameras
46. Box of homewares electrical appliances
47. Bolle set, puzzles, model planes etc
48. Box of assorted glassware
49. Tool box and electric drill
50. Large box of vintage Tupperware
51. Large quantity camping gear in hikers pack
52. 2x crates of tools and extension leads
53. Box inc. water fountain (drinking)
54. Ergonomic chair
55. Portable DVD player
56. Large collection of vintage cameras
57. Portable toilet (new)
58. Box of rabbit traps (5)
59. 2x boxes of childrens toys
60. Box of assorted homewares (some new stock)
61. Britax safe n sound car seat
62. Large box of DVDs (approx. 70)
63. Thermal cookware, as new
64. Blue tub of assorted gardening products
65. Box of CDs
66. Canon printer
67. Bbq set in case
68. Blue tub containing large amount of cutlery
69. Framing nail gun and nails
70. Chopper slider and Peppa Pig bike
71. Large box of DVDs and DVD player (approx. 50)
72. Roband milkshake maker and accessories
73. Push-along childrens trike
74. Sunbeam iron and NIB swivel sweeper
75. 3-bike car rack
76. Cast iron camp oven and 2 chairs
77. Large box cook books, fan and foot spa
78. Vintage Singer sewing machine in case
79. Box of power tools
80. Weber baby-Q
81. MaClaren pram
82. Scooter + kids clothing
83. 4-drawer plastic tubs
84. Premium caravan cover in box
85. Assorted glassware including crystal
86. White ceramic soup servingware
87. Assorted china
88. 3-drawer dresser with mirror
89. 3x Tasmania original paintings
90. Assorted outdoor gear
91. Large salt & pepper clock
92. Assorted homewares
93. Antique scales with weights
94. Oriental tea set
95. Old-school telephone
96. Canon EOS500 digital camera + lenses
97. NIB assorted pewterware
98. 2x vintage kero lanterns
99. 4 cube shelf
100. Antique violin with bow and case
101. Assorted kitchen hooks on rack
102. GMC drop saw
103. Techni ice box (large)
104. Small blow mould table
105. Pulman workshop vac
106. Vintage washburn amp
107. Felix milk separator
108. Pine 3-shelf unit
109. Contents of pine shelf and royal memorabilia
110. Cot + contents inc. scale bath
111. Mothers Choice emperor child seat
112. Simpson electric stove
113. Concord electric stove
114. Bag trolley (old)
115. Massive pierlite workshop light
116. Vintage drum trolley and umbrellas
117. Ruf-Tic hiking stick display (13 folk art sticks)
118. Vintage scales
119. Santos coffee grind automatic
120. Café quality coffee machine (twin) with accessories
121. Large bain marie with large quantity of trays
122. Miele upside-down fridge/freezer
123. Roband benchtop griller
124. Westinghouse frost-free fridge/freezer
125. 5x outdoor chairs
126. Woodson professional sandwich preparation refrigerated counter
127. Bain marie trays and lids
128. Double stainless sink unit (commercial)
129. Single deep fryer
130. Birko twin deep fryer
131. Single stainless commercial sink unit
132. Sunbeam mix master
133. 4x shelves of assorted kitchenware
134. 6 shelf unit
135. Dunlite DGUH10E generator 8400 watt continuous output
136. 2x stainless Ariston rangehoods + stainless sheeting
137. Roband bain marie and trays
138. 2x pressure cookers
139. 2-shelf stainless trolley
140. 3-shelf food warmer
141. Stainless 15-shelf catering rack, with trays
142. Shelf of milkshake glasses etc
143. Shelf of teapots
144. Oil & vinegar jugs etc
145. 2 shelves of coffee mugs
146. 3x electrical cooking appliances
147. Black café table
148. Hoover clothes dryer
149. Bodyworx exercise bike
150. 2-drawer retro lowboy
151. Assorted tea set on lowboy
152. Kriesler stereo 6 multisonic
153. Magazine & 2x ceramic top side tables
154. Antique Queen Anne chair
155. Antique Queen Anne chair
156. Large floor rug
157. 8 pointer deer mount
158. Mixmaster, meat slicer and fondue set
159. Remainder of assorted kitchenware on bench
160. Stainless commercial table
161. Firemans jacket
162. Globe electronic sewing machine
163. Large box of handbags & clutch
164. Assorted pet products inc. carrier pack
165. Small childrens table and assorted baby products
166. Fowlers jars and lids
167. Assorted kitchen products inc. cutlery
168. 2x subwoofers in boxes
169. Timber dining table
170. NIB toilet suite (dorado wall faced)
171. 4x fishing rods inc. surf rod
172. 2x glass top display cabinets
173. Breville benchtop oven and hotplates
174. 2x vintage spirit levels
175. Vintage cream can
176. Large ammo box
177. Small ammo box + tools
178. Extra large vintage cooking cauldron
179. Blower + hedge trimmer (electric)
180. 6x solid spindle back dining chairs
181. 2x café tables (round)
182. Folding massage table
183. Champion dive wetsuit and dive gear
184. 2x boxes of CDs and cassettes
185. Vintage buffet
186. 3x boxes of assorted homewares
187. Kids ONeill wetsuit and flippers
188. 7-drawer lowboy
189. Box containing nails and fasteners
190. 2x boxes assorted homewares inc. dinner set
191. 5 piece round extendable dining table
192. Dinner set (English)
193. Gold rimmed dinner set
194. Round dining table, 5 pieces
195. 2 large boxes of CDs inc. classical
196. New Stanley toolbelt and bag
197. Large box of DVDs (approx. 70)
198. 5-piece dining setting (antique)
199. Atom outerwear bike jacket and pants
200. Assorted garden tools
201. 2-door free standing fire place and flue
202. Woodheater screening
203. Box of extension leads
204. Outdoor wall lights x5 NIB
205. Large quantity of indoor lights and fittings
206. Emperial knitting machine Kh-610
207. Industrial high bay light
208. Timber 2-drawer coffee table
209. Jumbuck 2 burner bbq
210. Army backpack camel pack and raincoat
211. Glass top coffee table
212. Mitre saw
213. 12V electric boat winch NIB
214. Black dial phone
215. Venner time switch
216. Teac TV
217. Glass display case
218. Top shelf of matchbox models of yesteryear x7
219. Bottom shelf of matchbox models of yesteryear x7
220. Louvre cupboard and contents
221. Cast iron decorations
222. Wheelchair (new)
223. Cast iron seat ends and pump
224. Singer sewing machine in cabinet
225. Aircon and mirror
226. 600mm wall oven (Bellini)
227. Phillips radio in cabinet
228. Chains and dog
229. Dyson vacuum
230. National radio for resto
231. Fishing backpack, rods and size 9 waders
232. 2x glass display cases
233. Timber wall unit glass 8 piece
234. 4x lamps
235. 7x landscape painting inc. Albert Namatgira
236. Ryobi 9” grinder NIB
237. Digitech turntable and radio
238. Assorted electrical inc blu-ray
239. Assorted glassware
240. 4x boxes of homewares
241. Karaoke machine etc
242. Bread maker, steamer and mixmaster
243. Vintage batteries and fuse box
244. Singer sewing machine
245. 2x travel bags and plastic containers
246. Bing of garden products
247. 3x collector bird plates
248. Assorted blue glassware
249. 4x artwork
250. Antique telephone
251. Typewriter
252. 4x rabbit traps
253. Chainsaw
254. 3x boxes of assorted Tupperware
255. Antique military communications remote control unit
256. Vintage radio
257. 2x boxes assorted homeware inc. shelf above
258. 12x bird themed cups
259. 2x boxes of assorted homewares
260. Sony stereo and amplifier
261. Singer sewing cabinet for resto
262. Double bed-head
263. 300 generator
264. Sewing cabinet and machine (Janome)
265. Assorted bar items
266. Screws and fasteners
267. 2x boxes of homewares inc. coffee machine
268. Ceiling fan NIB
269. 3x boxes of homewares
270. Suitcase containing vintage cameras
271. Box of bar items
272. Box of bar items and Jack stands
273. Chopping boards, pot and stubby holders
274. Box of Xbox games (approx. 30)
275. Box of assorted homewares
276. Sand blasting gun and grit
277. Box of nerf guns
278. 2x boxes of assorted homewares
279. Box of electrical appliances
280. Yellow dive hose
281. 2x gas bottles and gas heater
282. Box containing new floodlight and door knobs
283. Chainsaw in case
284. Dive compressor and hose reel
285. Boags bag and workwear
286. Boxes of homewares inc. new dinner set
287. Black duck seatcovers for Triton
288. Box of digital spy cameras
289. Box of DVDs (approx. 45)
290. Large box of new globes and switches
291. Hoselink hose and reel
292. 2x boxes assorted homewares inc. CD player
293. 3x boxes inc. electrical kitchenware
294. Timber lockable cabinet
295. Assorted paintings (approx. 12)
296. 2x wooden oars
297. Hoover vintage washing machine
298. Large key operated safe with keys
299. Portable evaporative cooler, books and table
300. Assorted fishing gear
301. TV with DVD player 18.5”
302. Glass food display cabinet
303. Sanyo cassette and record player
304. Electrolux vintage fridge
305. Record player
306. Pool cues and assorted accessories
307. Cowboy hat and leather gators
308. Vintage wooden shaft golf clubs
309. 3x vintage cutting tools
310. 2x A-frame metal tressels
311. 2x vintage metal pulleys
312. Vintage metal twin pulley
313. Vintage leather harness and boot trees
314. Large bolt cutters and D shackle
315. Vintage bike pump and shears
316. 5x stage lights
317. Antique butchers items
318. Akubra hat
319. 2x vintage lights
320. Vintage timber ladder
321. Jonsered ride-on lawn mower
322. Evinrude 25HP outboard motor
323. 323. 15ft Pongrass Surf Master fiberglass runabout
324. 2004 silver Mercedes Benz c200 Kompressor, registered until July ’21. 240,000km. New tyres (running, requires radiator).
325. David Brown tractor, restored
326. 11ft Zodiak inflatable boat. 15HP capable.
327. Off-road camper trailer
328. Steber Space Craft Fiberglass 12ft runabout with 25HP Mariner
329. 3.15m aluminium Ally Craft dinghy, with trailer (both registered)
330. Newport 9ft inflatable boat 10HP capable (Auctioned at 12:00pm)
331. David Brown tractor 25 (Auctioned at 12:00pm)
332. White Classic e230 Mercedes Benz 1997. 174,000km, registered until April ’22. (Auctioned at 12:00pm)
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Large qty of specialty timbers (incl. myrtle, sassafras, huon pine & blackwood) power & woodworking tools, bicycles, kayaks, Jayco ’98 Designer caravan, handcrafted grandfather clocks, garden tools & equipment, camping gear + more.Full catalogue to come
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12th Feb 2022 @ 10:30AM: Sat February 12th - On Site Murchison Hwy, Somerset - Viewing from 9am on day of sale, auction commencing at 10:30am
Includes Massey Ferguson tractor, Kawasaki motorcycle, 2008 Ford XT, spray units, cultivating implements, vintage radios and record players, NIB motorbike parts, ornaments & homewares, antiques & collectables. Full details and catalogue to come.
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