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Catalogue for auction #385
Saturday 31st July - On site - Illoura Rd, Romaine - viewing from 9am. on 31 o Jul 2021 @ 10:30

1. Quantity 44-gallon drums
2. Quantity 20-litre oil drums
3. Treated pine fence rails
4. Vintage Harrows x2
5. Metal fabrication table
6. Quantity 20-litre storage drums
7. Industrial shelving units
8. Industrial extraction fan and pipes
9. Steel fuel storage tank
10. Steel fuel storage tank
11. 8x cedar-framed windows
12. Industrial workshop heater and trolley
13. Vintage pointed-tip harrows
14. Husqvarna LRH130 ride-on mower
15. Retro enamel wood heater
16. Industrial sliding door tracks
17. Large metal shelving unit
18. Shelf containing tyre levers and vulcanizing gear
19. Shelf containing compressed air equipment
20. YALE 1 ton geared block and chain
21. Shelf containing wire strops
22. 5x shelves containing grease and oil tools and accessories
23. 3x hand-operated fuel pumps
24. 4x assorted blue 20-litre oil drums
25. Newnes Automotive repair manuals vol 1 to 4
26. Quantity hydraulic hoses and pipes
27. 3x bottle jacks
28. Shelf containing assorted bottle and scissor jacks
29. 5x assorted Castrol oil and fuel drums
30. Assorted Castrol products
31. 3x vintage wooden crates
32. Assorted vintage new/old stock etc
33. Brake boosters
34. Caravan brake booster kit
35. Shelf of assorted brake linings and components
36. Shelf of assorted acid, oil etc
37. Vintage airport luggage trolley
38. Chain tensioners
39. Vintage wooden red & green pulleys
40. Collection of assorted automobile badges etc
41. 3x Vintage wooden pulleys and corkscrew
42. Antique Ajax scale
43. Castrol 60-litre drum, hand pump and drum trolley
44. 2x oil pourers
45. Vintage grease gun kit
46. Large quantity welding rods, storage cabinet and stand
47. Wolf drill and stand 1/2" heavy duty
48. Vintage Canon video camera
49. Vintage Sagar grease gun
50. 4x assorted vintage automotive tins and oil can
51. 2x vintage 3-phase drills
52. Rub stone, shaver and vintage weights
53. VESTA batteryscope tester
54. 4x vintage screw jacks
55. Assortment of vintage hooks and wheel
56. Cobblers boot lasts
57. 4x scarifiers
58. Metal workshop trolley
59. Large 6-bay industrial shelving
60. Plumbers Mate 2 inch hydraulic pipe bender & 6 bend formers
61. 2x shelves assorted gas and soldering products etc
62. Austech pipe threader 1"-4" adjustable with cutting heads
63. Shardlow micrometre set- 9 piece complete, Vane model 85 spring tension gauge. Moore & Wright Cat No. 941X micrometre set.
64. KEMPEE tube jointer 2" & 4" + vice
65. Coxhead valve guide bush extracting and assembly tools
66. Cox Head valve guide bush extracting and assembly tools
67. W & B valve seat cutting tool kit- 17 piece
68. Holden service manuals
69. 1 ton block and tackle with chains
70. Shelf containing assortment of metal brackets
71. Shelf of assorted new/old automotive stock etc
72. 4x Holden hub caps
73. Shelf of assorted service manuals
74. Shelf containing vintage wooden and metal boxes
75. 3x shelves of assorted automotive products including fuel tank
76. Box containing metal brackets
77. Holden workshop manuals
78. 4x boxes of assorted metal brackets and fasteners
79. 5x shelves of assorted automotive products
80. 4x shelves of assorted automotive products
81. 5x vintage wooden boxes
82. Large vintage carved wardrobe
83. Assorted batten and fluorescent lights
84. Lockable 4-drawer filing cabinet
85. Collection of vintage Holden manuals
86. Assorted vintage cameras, including polaroid
87. Vintage Motors service centre dust coat
88. 6x Motors repair manuals
89. 3x workshop pigeon-holes, contents and shelf of automotive products
90. 2-door lockable cupboard
91. Box containing workshop manuals
92. Vintage wooden trunk
93. Magazine rack containing vintage workshop catalogues
94. Retro picnic table and chairs, plus stool
95. 6-shelf metal shelving unit
96. 4 shelves containing vintage workshop catalogues
97. Vintage money tin and alphabetical filing system
98. 2x shelving cupboards
99. W&B type 212 valve refacer machine
100. Wolf type EVG3E valve seat grinding equipment. Assorted valve grinding gear + spring compression unit. Ritch model A21 ridge remover.
101. Sutton tools No. 6 Micro set adjustable reamers 3/8"-1 11/32". 13 pieces plus 8 heads.
102. TEC industrial 27 piece 3/4" drive socket set
103. Tap and die set, 1x tool holder, 30+ assorted taps, 40+ assorted dies + easy outs. Stub drill extractor set P&N Lorimier display unit. W&B Camishaft timing gear, puller and replacing tool- Holden.
104. 3x large workshop pigeonholes
105. 4 piece assorted reamers etc plus Sutton size K1 11/32"-1 1/2" reamer etc.
106. 5x Newnes motor repair manuals
107. Autoserv book III auto manual
108. 36-drawer metal pigeon hole
109. 6-shelf industrial shelving unit
110. Circular saw grinding wheels etc
111. Record number 4 ½ hand plane
112. 130-watt spotlight and timing light
113. Ryco fuel pressure gauge
114. Assorted workshop products, including wheels
115. Basket containing assorted punches and gas heater
116. Vane Model 127 cooling system analyser. Vane VM225 cylinder compression tester.
117. 1/2" impact tool kit- air - 7 sockets. Box assorted taps, dies & drills
118. NBL 39 piece Tapp & Die set complete
119. 3x assorted analysers
120. Lichtfield E505 HD puller set. Heavy duty spider puller, assorted HD bearing pullers, engine lifter etc
121. Assortment of automotive new/old stock, including pressure tester
122. 2x transfer pumps and workshop pigeon hole
123. Mobile hydraulic fork lift 2400 lift
124. 60-litre Castrol fuel drum, trolley and hand pump
125. Beaurepaires battery terminal mobile shelving unit
126. Assorted hand tools
127. Box of jumper leads, drill bits, electric drill bit sharpener etc
128. Air compressor hose etc
129. Bucket, chain, links etc
130. Blue industrial pigeonhole unit
131. Assorted Sidchrome spanners etc
132. Box of vintage hand tools, including valve seating tools
133. 3x clamps
134. Large box of assorted automotive workshop products
135. Backpack garden sprayer and herbicide
136. 3-phase power cord
137. Vintage tin Castrol sign
138. Large industrial work bench with bench grinder
139. Dumont type 901 Engine Scope + power pack, valve testing pick up, timing and advance pick up, flame pick up, manuals
140. 4x industrial wall brackets
141. Boss battery charger and jumper leads
142. Assorted shackles etc
143. Shelf containing automotive fluids etc
144. Large vintage oil pourer
145. Box containing assorted workshop manuals
146. Large Dawn bench vice
147. 2x enamel workshop lights
148. Square workshop light
149. 9-shelf industrial shelving unit including contents
150. Kriesler disc-o-tape record player
151. Assorted hand files etc
152. Vintage wooden turned-leg table and wooden workshop stand
153. 3x crimping kit, battery drill etc
154. Vintage Mazda advertising pigeonhole shelf with new/old stock
155. Large Olympic advertising banner
156. 2-door, 2-drawer vintage kitchen island
157. 4-step aluminium stairs
158. Box including assorted seals, brackets etc
159. Quantity stainless steel spray guns etc
160. Quantity stainless steel piping and window trims
161. 3x new gas bottle mounts
162. 4x workshop clamps
163. Dawn 250 table vice
164. Jockey wheel
165. Assorted caravan and RV products
166. Assorted caravan and RV products, including caravan steady feet
167. 3x switchboard enclosures
168. Eurotool dust separator unit
169. Large box of assorted caravan and RV products
170. San Marino concertina doors, 1 damaged
171. 500m new high-tensile barbed wire
172. Box of new rope tensioners
173. 2x rollout privacy awning screens
174. Rolling 2-shelf workshop trolley
175. 2x toolboxes and contents
176. Golden fleece 20-litre oil tin
177. Light blue Caltex and Golden Fleece 20-litre oil tin
178. Metal and timber rolling workshop bench
179. 3x assorted wooden boxes including ammunition boxes
180. Boxed assorted automotive catalogues
181. 2x Jiffy Kodak and Brownie vintage cameras
182. Vintage Champion spark plugs cabinet and rare Champion sticker
183. Toolbox including Sidchrome socket set etc
184. 6x vintage wooden crates, including explosives and munitions
185. 11x vintage produce boxes
186. 9x vintage produce boxes
187. Castrol highboy hand pumps and memorabilia
188. Rare Castrol service centre banner
189. 2x block and tackles
190. 3x boxes of assorted caravan and RV accessories (new/old stock)
191. Makita router
192. 2x large gas bottle mounts. new
193. 4x new workshop globes, 400-watt
194. 7x high bay lights
195. 3x boxes assorted caravan and RV lights, globes etc
196. Dumpy level and tripod
197. 4 boxes of assorted caravan and RV products
198. Makita drop saw
199. Large quantity of assorted plumbing parts
200. 4x workshop clamps
201. Brother printer and Panasonic speakers
202. 2x large gas bottle mounts, new
203. 2x canvas manufacturing tools, including press
204. 2x air-operated nibbling tools
205. 2x RV waste disposal cassettes, new etc
206. Caravan mirror and steps
207. Maktec MT360 router
208. Small Makita circular saw
209. Electrical meter
210. Router in box
211. Scissor jack and tank level sender units, new etc
212. 5x high bay lights
213. Box of assorted caravan and RV lights etc
214. Crate of assorted caravan and RV products
215. New Enzo magnetic towing mirror
216. Makita hand plane
217. Makita impact gun and files
218. 2x industrial electrical switches etc
219. Box of assorted plumbing joiners etc
220. Large box containing electrical meters etc
221. 4x boxes of new-in-box filters
222. 8x workshop exit lights
223. ESAB migwelder and copper wire
224. 8x high bay lights
225. Shelf including aerial, furniture legs etc
226. Ross RGCS38CC chainsaw and chain break
227. Kawasaki KG1000C generator
228. Vintage oval mirror
229. Shelf containing vintage flagons, bottles and beer cans etc
230. Science books, lantern and super tool
231. Power station air compressor
232. Shelf containing detergent, tiles, canvas bag etc
233. Ozito electric hedge trimmer
234. 2x retro eskys
235. Vintage brewers barrel, esky and draught bottle
236. 2x stainless steel urns
237. Polyester car cover, tarp etc
238. Wire tensioner, wedge etc
239. HG Holden front grill
240. 4x metal fuel cans and funnels
241. 2 shelves of assorted products, including shoe shine box, mirrors, bolts etc
242. Shelf containing garden products, including tools and sprayer
243. 5-shelf industrial shelving unit plus 7-shelf industrial shelving unit
244. Vintage General Motors Holden hubcaps and wheel trims
245. Drenching kit
246. Assorted motor oils
247. Large wooden and metal shelving unit
248. 5x vintager Cooee Cordial crates and bottles
249. 3x vintage ammunition boxes
250. 4x large tensioners
251. Galvanized rubbish bin and watering can
252. Sanyo kerosene heater
253. 3-burner Primus gas barbecue
254. Retro BMX bike
255. 3x wet weather coats
256. Vintage wooden table
257. Retro deck chairs and commode
258. 7x collector tins
259. Large vintage butcher’s cleaver
260. Vintage accelerator magazines 1955 +
261. Assorted hand tools
262. Steering wheel cover and buffer
263. Vintage boot last and iron
264. Assorted fasteners
265. Ryobi compound miter saw
266. Ryobi hedge trimmer, secateurs etc
267. Vintage galvanised funnel and crimping tool
268. Warrior compound saw
269. Plastic toolbox and new drill bits
270. Dent puller and battery drill
271. Scorpion brad nailer, new
272. Metal toolbox and saddle bags
273. Trewhella tree jack
274. Navman navigation system
275. Caterpillar underground mining pump, filter etc
276. Shelf containing picnic set, door chime and game
277. 6x industrial workshop signs
278. Pivoting TV stand and VCR
279. Large box of assorted hardwares and accessories
280. Large vintage scythe
281. Triton super jaws
282. Assorted hand tools in barrel
283. Husqvarna 235 whipper snipper
284. 4x 15-inch tires on rims
285. 3x 14-inch tires on rims
286. Assorted garden hand tools in barrel
287. Vintage farmhouse kitchen table
288. Vintage kitchen sideboard
289. Rolling computer desk
290. Panasonic TV
291. Timber coffee table
292. 5x padded dining chairs
293. Vintage electric stove with grill
294. 4 boxes assorted books
295. Vintage Panasonic NV-M7A movie camera
296. Healing golden voice 3-in-1 TV
297. 2x Padded armchairs and 2-door cupboard
298. 3x boxes assorted homewares, including collectables
299. Vintage Sweda data register and receipt rolls, ex-Ridgley service station machine (with receipt)
300. Vintage calculator
301. Vintage Volta vacuum cleaner and Electrolux floor polisher
302. Vintage green plastic dial phone and stool
303. 3-bike car carry rack
304. Vintage Repco exercise bike and Gazelle swing stepper
305. Assorted glass and mirrors
306. Quantity laserlight sheeting
307. Antique kitchen hutch with cane chair
308. Assorted cavity slider doors, with tracks
309. Assorted Tru-deck timber shelving and ladders
310. Castrol oil drum and assorted hand tools, including hedge trimmer
311. Vintage louver doors, leadlight doors and door handles etc
312. Fold-out camp bed, bins etc
313. Assorted hand tools, including pry bar
314. Pier formers, hardboard sheets etc
315. Cox 13-HP ride on lawn mower
316. Womens Progear bicycle with gel seat
317. Electric mobility scooter with canopy, working
318. 3x vintage hand basins
319. Large stainless laundry trough with sink
320. Large roll of new Waratah wire
321. 2x 6m steel vehicle ramps
322. 2x workshop rollers and spindle
323. Assorted aluminum and timber windows and doors
324. Large steel toolbox and contents, including steel rope etc
325. Assorted steel and galvanized sheeting
326. Large pry bar, steel wheel barrow and spade etc
327. Vintage fire surround and mantle
328. NUGGET Rotaslasher attachment with manual
329. Holden 1999 VT Commodore Equipe, V6, 134,000km, registered, some panel damage. (Auctioned at 11:30am)
330. Kokoda 2011 Mountain View Olympia series 2 caravan (Auctioned at 12:00pm)
331. 2013 Nissan Navara ST-X 550 registered 120, ***km (Auctioned at 12.30pm)
332. Airborne Edge X ultra-light aircraft (Auctioned at 12:30pm)
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Large qty of specialty timbers (incl. myrtle, sassafras, huon pine & blackwood) power & woodworking tools, bicycles, kayaks, Jayco ’98 Designer caravan, handcrafted grandfather clocks, garden tools & equipment, camping gear + more.Full catalogue to come
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12th Feb 2022 @ 10:30AM: Sat February 12th - On Site Murchison Hwy, Somerset - Viewing from 9am on day of sale, auction commencing at 10:30am
Includes Massey Ferguson tractor, Kawasaki motorcycle, 2008 Ford XT, spray units, cultivating implements, vintage radios and record players, NIB motorbike parts, ornaments & homewares, antiques & collectables. Full details and catalogue to come.
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