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Catalogue for auction #386
Sat 7th August- On site - 2 Gell St, Ulverstone - Viewing day prior to auction: Fri 6th Aug 1-4pm. PLEASE NOTE this is SATURDAYS catalogue only. on 07 o Aug 2021 @ 10:30

1. English wheel
2. 2x shelves new radiators (approx. 30)
3. Cigweld cutting and welding kit
4. Large roll of black plastic
5. Cigweld compact arc welder
6. NIB Ryobi angle grinder
7. Aerovent extraction fan
8. NIB Uniden cordless telephone
9. New tool bag, ratchet strap etc
10. Orange tool box and contents, tool bag and first aid kit
11. Large quantity assorted security cameras and light
12. Box containing assorted car radios
13. NIB aluminium 4000lb racing jack
14. Box containing large quantity assorted power tools
15. Zippy Scaff rolling scaffold system
16. Rolling 3-shelf workshop trolley and contents
17. Makita angle grinder
18. 3x workshop benches
19. 2 large sections ducting pipe
20. NIB Ford F100 filters
21. 4x boxes assorted products
22. 10X Cummins (new) mudflaps
23. Box containing stainless steel gate valves and fittings (NIB)
24. Dyna drill hammer drill, in case
25. Paslode framing nail gun
26. Large box containing assorted industrial products
27. NIB welding helmet with face shield replacement
28. NIB assorted stainless steel leveling feet
29. Bucket + boxes assorted fasteners and D shackles
30. Box of assorted NEW plumbing and irrigation joiners
31. Gas gauges and adjusters
32. Logitech NIB stereo speakers and subwoofer
33. Box containing NIB assorted industrial switches/suspension sockets etc
34. HILTI TE5 hammer drill
35. Ryobi screw gun
36. 5x early Holden wheels 70R13 and matching rim
37. Cigweld Weldskill single phase welder (TIG & ARC)
38. MSA ALTAIR 4x oxygen tester
39. Box containing assorted NEW welding equipment
40. Box containing assorted lights etc
41. 5x early model Holden rims
42. 3x new and used gas gauges
43. Large quantity lead roll
44. Blue metal wheelbarrow
45. Caravan water tank
46. Table and assorted contents
47. Grinding wire wheel pedestal
48. Large radiator clamp, workstation and equipment
49. 3x Firelli tyres and rims (near full tread)
50. Mandrill exhaust bending machine
51. Metal wheelbarrow
52. Decorative metalwork pieces x4 and wheelbarrow
53. Rockwell 2.5HP air compressor
54. Box of assorted phones and electrical equipment
55. Hella halogen H4 driving lights
56. Toolbox with contents + 3x G clamps
57. Massey Ferguson parts with radiator
58. Makita case, auger bits and large range of protective equipment.
59. 8x new workshop trolley wheels and rims
60. Quantity assorted tarps
61. Rolling 4-shelf galvanized work trolley
62. Kinchrome wet & dry 30L garage vacuum
63. Quantity assorted plumbing and roofing supplies
64. Airless painter spray gun + parts
65. Cummins P5000E 5500 peak watts diesel generator
66. Hafco metalmaster 600mm length rollers
67. SM-UNI40 Metalcraft pipe bender and dies
68. Fronius TPS320i aluminium welder
69. ESAB compact 200ECF migwelder
70. Makita drop saw
71. Set of swage wheels in case
72. Rockwell 2000w heat gun + Metabo angle grinder
73. ESAB power compact 265-1 single-phase migwelder
74. Chainsaw maintenance equipment
75. Speedworks bender and dies
76. Fronius TPS 320i aluminium welder , wire feeder and trolley
77. Hitachi hammer drill, trolley jack and trolley
78. Profile cutter
79. Landcruiser pillion seats
80. Drill press 12-speed & table
81. Roof racks and jockey wheel
82. Thermal Dynamic plasma cutter + bits on trolley
83. Circle cutter
84. Tube bender
85. swage
86. flat bar bender
87. 2x workshop roller stands
88. 900 diameter sheet metal rollers
89. 900 diameter sheet metal rollers
90. Circle cutter
91. Fly press
92. 11HP Honda generator
93. Checkerplate ute tray sides
94. 3-phase tough drill press
95. ESAB plasma cutter
96. Industrial extraction fan
97. Miller econotwin HF arcwelder
98. Barbecue hot box
99. Newburn industrial ducted heater
100. Lincoln gasless migwelder
101. Vintage cast-iron combustion stove
102. Large quantity of barrel heater components + 5 kegs
103. Inbuilt woodheater
104. Inbuilt woodheater
105. Newburn industrial ducted heater
106. Freestanding woodheater
107. Inbuilt woodheater
108. Freestanding woodheater
109. freestanding woodheater
110. inbuilt woodheater
111. metal storage box
112. Freestanding woodheater
113. Inbuilt woodheater
114. GMC 4-speed wood lathe with tools
115. Large industrial workbench 2400x1200
116. Right angle flashing, metal grate, stainless steel brackets etc
117. Fishing equipment and assorted camping gear, including tent and billys
118. Brooms, mops etc
119. Under tray toolbox
120. Assorted workshop items in box, including chain
121. Straight edge
122. Central hydraulics lightweight aluminium floor jack NIB
123. Cigweld 3-phase migwelder
124. Adjustable height rolling workbench
125. 2x angle grinders in box
126. Safeguard med. Cargo net NIB
127. 3x containers of rope
128. Wind-down stability leg and bucket cont. gate valves
129. Assorted car parts and driving lights
130. Large quantity of extraction equipment and ducting
131. Extension leads and powerboards
132. Diffused batton lights NIB
133. Lufkin dumpy level
134. Lincoln SP170T migwelder
135. Fiberglass double-sided ladder
136. 2x rolls migwelding wire
137. Pipe threader, vice and cutter
138. Hi-ten knotcher
139. Spring hinges for pop-top
140. Hitachi metal cut-off saw
141. 2x copper bins + copper pieces
142. Stainless brackets and fasteners
143. Pipe threading tool and pipe cutter
144. Metal-legged workshop bench
145. Cargo net
146. Galvanized toolbox 1400mm
147. Dewalt power miter box
148. Yamaha road bike fuel tank
149. Assorted welding leads and hoses etc
150. AEG reciprocal saw and hammer drill
151. Oxyacetylene torch
152. Makita hammerdrill
153. Bosch 9” grinder and u bolts
154. Metal workshop bench
155. 2x sledgehammers and box of metal bits
156. Hand swage
157. Portable Junior spotwelder
158. Metal frame workbench
159. Harness, stainless wire etc
160. Box of automobile paints
161. Assorted stainless steel parts (new)
162. Air tools etc
163. 3 drills and rattlers incl. Makita and Bosch
164. Fischbein bag closer and anti-fatigue mats
165. Approx. 12 F clamps
166. Tig and mig assorted welding parts
167. Arc welder leads
168. Assorted welding leads
169. Box of workshop items incl. face mask and level
170. Large clamps x7
171. Assorted nuts, bolts and washers
172. Approx. 14x F and G assorted clamps
173. Box of poly-sealant and gun
174. 4x sash clamps
175. Metal framed workshop bench
176. Makita bondor and steel circular saw with new blade
177. Assorted workshop products and polishing parts
178. NIB industrial air spray gun
179. Large quantity assorted welding and gas cords etc
180. Large metal timber workshop table
181. 2x air riveters + NIB rivets
182. Canopy door components
183. Barbecue components
184. Holemaker Pro35 magnetic welding machine
185. Ryobi bench grinder
186. Black & Decker heavy-duty circular saw
187. 230mm Makita angle grinder and blades
188. Duplex Tools electric nibbler
189. Bosch electric nibbler + Hilti screw gun
190. Makita screw gun and angle grinder
191. Angle grinder, circular saw and sander (marked with red tape)
192. Large roll of 16mm shark bite
193. Large timber and metal workshop table
194. Set of tail lights
195. Vintage Pioneer car speakers and Wolseley “six eighty” instruction manual + Makita case
196. Bosch hammer drill
197. TRAX air hammer + belt sander
198. Bosch jigsaw + new blades
199. Assorted jars and fasteners
200. Quantity 3-phase power cords
201. Ryobi drop saw
202. Box containing assorted pipe fittings + rope etc
203. Boc Smootharc MMA 170w welder (NIB)
204. Makita grinder
205. Lectrostatic workshop dust extraction unit
206. GMC hammer drill
207. 3-phase power switch
208. Bucket containing assorted rubber seals, corking and mud flap etc
209. Makita 230mm angle grinder with blades
210. 3-phase power cord
211. 4x stainless steel brackets
212. 2x 3-shelf metal workshop cupboards
213. 17x milk crates
214. 5x bags of assorted nuts and bolts
215. Large metal prybar
216. Tank rollers
217. Electric 3-phase corrugated guillotine
218. 3-phase Miller Synchrowave 250 Tig welder
219. Pilot arc welder
220. Lencospot Mark2 spot welder
221. Work electrode arc welder
222. Work arc and Tig welder
223. Electric winch
224. Lincoln 3-phase welder Tig and Ark welder
225. Workshop grinder and wire wheel, on stand
226. 128mm 3-phase electric rollers
227. Table top tube roller
228. Large anvil on stand
229. Large metal toolbox
230. 3-phase power cord
231. 3x electric motors
232. Welder Products 3.6m guillotine
233. Large workshop fan
234. Pilot arc welder
235. MIGOMAC welder
236. Pipe anvil
237. Sahinler pipe bender
238. Lincoln REDI-MIG 4D remote welder
239. Hand-operated guillotine
240. John HEINE 3-phase guillotine 2.4m
241. 2x welding stainless steel welding wire
242. New Chemset x J + Ramset caulking gun
243. Axel and stubs
244. Expander foam, liquid nails etc
245. Large quantity Ramset dynabolts etc
246. Wire rope clamps etc
247. Pipe threader and pipe bender
248. NIB DrillMATE portable drill press
249. Portable spot welder
250. Box assorted bbq parts, rolling work trolley etc
251. Sheet cutter
252. Assorted air tools
253. Heater NEW
254. Wind-up jack leg
255. 5x assorted workshop products
256. RIS workshop harness rope mounting plate
257. Quantity assorted workshop products
258. Large quantity assorted metal products incl. ducting mounts
259. Large quantity assorted Buildex & Bremik fasteners
260. Large quantity of assorted rivets etc
261. Large box containing Bremick fasteners and ring clamps
262. 2x boxes containing insulation fasteners
263. Assortment of harness equipment
264. Stainless steel handrail material
265. Auger fins
266. Assorted office equipment
267. Large assortment of warning lights, vests etc
268. New grease filter
269. Cargo net
270. Pears soap framed print
271. Pipe bending machine and dies
272. Large quantity welding rods
273. Large hand swage
274. Box of rope and ratchet straps
275. Hand swage
276. Bench grinder and hand pipe bender
277. Extra large hand swage
278. Pipe threader and grease
279. NIB 12,000lb electric winch
280. 6x panels stained timber
281. Carlton FC 1995 premiership poster
282. Flue cleaning kit
283. 2x rims
284. 5-shelf metal shelving unit
285. Large single-phase power switch cord
286. Shelf containing jigsaw, assorted fasteners and overspray film
287. 2x boxes new galvanized bolts
288. 2x rolls braided wire rope
289. Large box of new x50 9” cut-off wheels
290. Box containing new 125mm grinding discs
291. New air hose
292. Large 2.4 brake press 25-tonne
293. Workshop press
294. Brobo-unicutter 3-phase industrial cutoff saw
295. MKAY electric motor and gear box (spare for large 1800 industrial electric rollers)
296. large 1800 industrial electric rollers
297. large Pels cropper and dies
298. Edwards JawsIV Ironworker 50-tonne cropper
299. RIMAX metal cut-off saw and roller table
300. Welded Products 12mm plate-capable 1800 guillotine with large compressor
301. 3-phased gear driven drill press
302. Pedestal 3-phase grinder
303. Perlin machine capable of 100mm and 150mm with cutoff table and roller stand
304. Chalmers and Corner 35-tonne brake press, 5 metres long.
305. Top hat machine, with de-coiler, Tongs built.
306. Powermill Kondia industrial 3-phase milling machine
307. Industrial 3-phase fan
308. John Heine 202A series 3 industrial 3-phase fly press with parts
309. Kleen finger folder 2.4 long 3-phase hydraulic
310. Foot-operated 1.2m guillotine
311. 1.8m edge folder
312. 1.8m hand-operated folder
313. Hare & Forbes 3-phase digital read-out lathe & tools
314. Pedestal 3-phase grinder
315. Extremely large quantity of assorted stainless and aluminium piping, flat bar, tube, angle, solid etc
316. Large 3-phase pedestal drill
317. Federal industrial fly press
318. Industrial metal lathe
319. Dog trailer tipper tray
320. Hoister 6-tonne forklift, v6 Holden motor fitted but requires wiring.
321. Metal single-axle trailer (registered)
322. Simplicity tandem-axle with electric brakes (Ford wheel-patterned)
323. Welder 2.4m 80-tonne brake press, requires resto.
324. Wallbank fly press, for resto
325. Mercedes Benz truck engine v6 with gearbox
326. Industrial electric winch, for restoration
327. Custom orb guillotine + high tin guillotine and racks
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