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Catalogue for auction #387
Sat 14th August 2021 - On site, 17 Hope Street, Ulverstone - Viewing from 9.00am morning of sale on 14 o Aug 2021 @ 10:30

1. Reid road racing bike
2. Gold bracelet
3. Dress ring (marked S925)
4. Rose gold pendant (marked 10k)
5. Ladies Ice watch
6. Fisher and Paykel chest freezer
7. 4-plate electric stove
8. Pair of melamine storage cupboards
9. Antique South Australian 1922 newspaper journals
10. Asian vintage entertainment unit
11. Original Aboriginal painting, West Australian artist
12. Box of ornaments inc. Willow Tree
13. Assorted outdoor ornaments
14. Marantz stereo unit etc
15. 2 books of Jimmy Barnes memoirs
16. Shelving units, laundry basket etc
17. Black and white computer chair
18. Antique blackwood hall table
19. Audiosonic portable CD player
20. Assorted vases and wooden fruit bowl
21. New Sunfresh retractable clothesline
22. Samsung DVD player, DVDs etc
23. Corner TV cabinet
24. Modern arm chair
25. Wall mirrors and artwork
26. Modern bone 3 p/c reclining lounge suite
27. Electrolux vacuum cleaner and walking stick
28. 3x boxes of plasticware
29. Box of tools, power cords etc
30. 7 p/c Colonial-style dining suite
31. Highlander portable DVD player
32. Carton plus extras Boags Draught beer
33. Hoover ultra vacuum ironing board
34. Electric heater and Probert scales
35. 3x boxes of cutlery and crockery
36. 3x boxes of saucepans, frypans and cookware
37. Qty assorted electrical appliances
38. Qty casseroles and mixing bowls
39. Large round wall clock
40. Cake stand, enamel plates etc
41. Stainless-look microwave oven
42. Native American Indian framed collage
43. Westinghouse 2-door fridge/freezer
44. 2x framed prints
45. Vintage Tas oak occasional table
46. 3x boxes of assorted magazines
47. Simpson 9kg inverter washing machine
48. 3x boxes of laundry and assorted products
49. Large quantity of bed linen, towels etc
50. Mobility aid shower chair
51. Stained pine dresser top
52. 2x boxes of ladies bags, scarves etc
53. Video players, shelves and videos
54. 2x boxes of ornaments and toys
55. 2x boxes assorted linen
56. Small stepladder and fan
57. 3x timber stools
58. Sandleford metal safe with keys
59. Qty new childrens toys
60. Cabinet, typewriter etc
61. Samsung flatscreen TV
62. Olympus digital camera, watch and clock radio
63. Large assortment mens clothes and shoes, incl. new Mac boots
64. Vintage girls flowergirl dress
65. Quantity of Christmas decorations
66. Large quantity mens jeans, incl levis
67. Antique Tas oak bedside cupboard
68. Fishing rods, reels and tackle incl. Jarvis Walker
69. Old-style classic telephone
70. Click-together adjustable playpen
71. Large quantity assorted baby products incl. bath and playmat
72. 3x trolley packing-sorted bags
73. 2x NIB venetian blinds
74. Assorted clothing incl. new shoes
75. Fowlers jars x18 + Allens lolly jar etc
76. Assorted products on top of fridge
77. Assorted workshop products and framed prints
78. 3x stainless steel shower grates and bath spout
79. Camphor wood ornate carved chest
80. Box containing assorted new maths supplies
81. Telescopes, fake foliage etc
82. 4x shelves assorted crystal and glassware
83. 5x shelves assorted crystal and glassware
84. Floral padded chair and stool combo
85. Retro teapot and jug combo
86. DVD player and DVDs
87. Shelf containing assorted ovenware
88. Shelf of retro cook/serving cookware
89. Shelf of assorted pots and pans
90. 2x boxes of assorted homewares
91. Box containing assorted kitchen and homewares
92. 2x mobility aids
93. Stack of assorted books
94. 2x boxes assorted homewares and dinnerware
95. Box containing assorted collectables and rolling cabinet
96. Box containing assorted homewares incl. terrarium
97. Retro homeware collection incl. table, mag rack etc
98. 2x bedside tables + lamps + piggybank
99. Umbrella stand and umbrella
100. 6-drawer stained bedside drawer unit
101. Assorted vintage tins incl. Arnotts
102. 8x assorted collectable books incl. gumnuts
103. 2x boxes containing assorted kitchenware and laminator
104. 2x boxes assorted kitchenware incl. cutlery
105. Box containing spin mop and box of glassware
106. Large box containing assorted Tupperware etc
107. Sunbeam mix master and fan
108. Queen bed with near-new spring mattress
109. Dome-top clock and candelabra
110. Musical lantern
111. Rolled-front retro china cabinet
112. Royal Doulton platter and artwork
113. 6x assorted English china incl. Royal Staffordshire Biltons
114. Shelf containing red glassware
115. Shelf of Japanese and Australian dinner sets
116. Black leather electric lift chair
117. Pine double bed with near-new mattress
118. 2x large boxes vintage Tupperware etc
119. 2x boxes containing kitchenware, doily etc
120. Retro Volta vacuum cleaner and coffee table
121. Box containing assorted collectables and storage tubs
122. Vintage shoe shine stool
123. 2x boxes assorted kitchenware and framed artwork
124. Large oriental buffet
125. Box containing vintage grooming kit and collectables
126. Box containing vintage collectables incl. spoons, letter opener etc
127. German-made chinaware dish
128. 2x Wembley Ware pearlescent dishes
129. Blue Hugh Tasmanian pottery jar
130. Bendigo pottery sugar pot
131. Antique miniature chest
132. Vintage Olympic Swiss watch
133. Box containing assorted collectables including lighters and watches
134. 8x assorted china incl. Royal Albert and Duchess
135. Box containing assorted collectables incl. chevron playing cards
136. Broads Titian Ware hand-painted English serving dish
137. Royal Doulton Dickensware “old lady” serving dish
138. Crown Ducal ware English-made antique serving plate
139. Royal Winton floral serving dish and toast rack
140. Tas Keno fold-up chairs and outdoor setting
141. Gas bbq with bottle
142. Garden barrow
143. Child’s slide
144. Bag trolley, hose, shelves, outdoor swing etc
145. Fire pit
146. Shovel, jump leads, prints, jacks etc
147. Remote control Mustang
148. Quantity vintage tools blowtorch etc
149. Stockwhip and Bluey jacket etc
150. Bin and toolbox of shifters and tools
151. New garden spray, circular saws etc
152. Jim Beam and Fitzroy football collectables
153. Toolbox, tools and small vice clamps
154. Assorted truck mancave items
155. Chainsaw, chain, parts and melamine cupboard
156. 2x cupboards plus all magazines
157. Cupboard with G clamps, tie downs and contents
158. Assorted benches and shelf units incl. gas struts
159. 2008 Honda Civic, automatic, registered, 120,000km
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Large qty of specialty timbers (incl. myrtle, sassafras, huon pine & blackwood) power & woodworking tools, bicycles, kayaks, Jayco ’98 Designer caravan, handcrafted grandfather clocks, garden tools & equipment, camping gear + more.Full catalogue to come
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12th Feb 2022 @ 10:30AM: Sat February 12th - On Site Murchison Hwy, Somerset - Viewing from 9am on day of sale, auction commencing at 10:30am
Includes Massey Ferguson tractor, Kawasaki motorcycle, 2008 Ford XT, spray units, cultivating implements, vintage radios and record players, NIB motorbike parts, ornaments & homewares, antiques & collectables. Full details and catalogue to come.
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