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Catalogue for auction #389
Sun 8th August- On site - 2 Gell St, Ulverstone - Viewing day prior to auction: Fri 6th Aug 1-4pm - PLEASE NOTE this is SUNDAYS catalogue only. on 08 o Aug 2021 @ 10:30

328. aluminium folding ladder
329. 6x square metal posts
330. 4x assorted sizes large steel sheeting
331. Large metal bin containing assorted metal offcuts
332. Large 4-bay metal shelving unit containing quantity of assorted steel pieces
333. Truck bull bar
334. Assorted steel offcuts, framing etc (on floor before rack, marked orange)
335. Wire coil feeder
336. Small excavator hitch
337. Assorted steel, 2 lower shelves tubing and round (marked blue)
338. Assorted steel, 5 shelves of various lengths and profiles (marked pink)
339. Assorted steel, top shelf, tubing angle (marked yellow)
340. Scaffold planks including 2x 6m (marked green)
341. 2 scaffold planks including 1x 4m and 1x 3m (marked orange)
342. 3x jerry cans and 1 beer keg
343. Pipe bender
344. Large pigeon hole parts shelf
345. Ford V8 engine + auto transmission
346. Chev large 6-cylinder petrol engine + 1 Ford box manual transmission
347. Cut-off saw
348. Large fabrication rollers
349. Steel plate off-cuts and stand (marked green)
350. 2x small fabrication table & gantry
351. 9x metal fabrication trestles and rollers (marked green and orange)
352. Rolling table and contents
353. Ute crane
354. 7x roller stands, 3 large and 4 small
355. Metal sheet stand including large sheet stainless etc
356. F truck bench seat
357. Pallet of assorted wire
358. Large power washer (for repair)
359. 600x650 20mm stainless plate
360. 2 large feeder rollers
361. 2 large tanks and box of rollers
362. 3-shelf mobile lockable freestanding cabinet
363. Contents of mobile cabinet
364. Complete oxyacetylene trolley
365. Stair walker trolley
366. 2 large lockable ute toolboxes
367. Metabo angle grinder and box discs
368. New large Makita angle grinder and discs
369. 2x pallets large quantity of assorted insulation
370. Pallet of electrical outlets and fittings, old and new
371. Pallet of stainless steel components and bits
372. Pallet of miscellaneous bolts, wheels and bits
373. 5x assorted trestles
374. 2x boxes of duct joiner and seal
375. 5x street lights + brackets
376. Electric nibbler
377. Air sander and box new sheets
378. Makita angle grinder
379. Ramset hammer drill
380. NIB 1 ½ tonne trolley jack
381. Parts tray and 2x wall brackets
382. 5x metal trestles under table top
383. Metabo hammer drill
384. 2x box of assorted products include brush cutter parts
385. 2x spray guns NIB
386. Garage creeper
387. Quantity air hose and spray equipment
388. Hitachi angle grinder and lead light
389. Electric break-away system, NIB
390. Masterfan extraction fan, flex and ducting
391. 5x air vent shrouds
392. Large timber and metal workshop table
393. 64-hole parts rack (timber)
394. Gas bottle holders
395. Pipe bender and profiles
396. Drum of thinners, acetone etc
397. 2x large hinges and plate
398. 4x antique lions feet metal legs
399. Hilti and Makita angle grinders
400. NIB Uniden cordless phone system
401. Assorted clamps etc
402. Assorted signs and number plates etc
403. Small arc welder with mask
404. Assorted power cords and 3-phase splitter
405. 2x gas bottle conversion fire pits (project)
406. Roll of new plex pipe
407. Large metal plate 2400x1200 8mm
408. Metal door frame
409. Box of gas tips and part cutting torch and gauges
410. Small pipe bender
411. Hydraulic ramp and driver
412. Box including tun buckles and chain etc
413. 6 boxes steel clamps
414. Quantity of paint and spray gun
415. Large anvil on stand
416. Large Makita angle grinder
417. Fronius aluminium welder (mask and rods)
418. Fabricated metal construction piece
419. Large mig welder
420. Extension cords
421. Large Lincoln welder mig
422. 13x large G clamps
423. Metal corner unit
424. Large rack of metal offcuts, including rack
425. Makita cut-off saw
426. Drum pump, funnels and oil can
427. Hand swage and pipe vice
428. Truck tie downs, mirrors and winch
429. 2x angle grinders
430. Cargo net
431. Box of gate hinges
432. Rolling work bench
433. Pallet including tool box, pipe fittings etc
434. 1x pallet of fans, woodheater
435. 3x dies for fly press
436. Plate shear
437. 2x hand punch
438. Box of chain ram and others
439. Pallet of wood heater doors, grills etc
440. 2x steel horses
441. 20L Bostik polyurethane adhesive
442. 2x boxes gutter brackets
443. Oxyacetylene trolley
444. Large industrial exhaust fan
445. Large sheet aluminium 12mm
446. Dunlite petrol generator
447. 3-phase extension cord
448. Large new checkerplate toolbox
449. Aluminium fire check sheets and pieces
450. Long white toolbox, 1500 long
451. Length of conveyer belt
452. One-off slider (3 wheel trike)
453. Assorted pallet parts exhaust
454. Trailer axles, hubs and seals
455. Hand pump porta power unit hydraulic
456. Metal strapper outfit, 5 pieces
457. Blue tub of steel offcuts
458. Pacemaker bench saw
459. 3x gas heaters
460. Large vice
461. Quantity of copper rivets, brass nuts and bolts etc
462. Large vice
463. Pipe cutter, threader & vice
464. Vintage heater
465. Large metal box- large quantity copper pipe etc
466. Large metal toolbox approx. 16x box fasteners NIB
467. Aluminium tank
468. 4x gas tanks
469. 4x industrial extraction fans
470. Pallet of nuts, bolts and sundries
471. 3x chain dogs
472. 3x electric motors
473. Steel stair runners, part fabrication
474. Pallet of timber chip board MDF and ply
475. Perforated steel
476. Box of car parks, F truck
477. Ute box blue tool box lockable
478. Draftmans/map filing cabinet etc
479. Assorted box pipe repair latch, felt light heaters
480. 4x metal boxes
481. Large wheel trolley
482. Roller and stand + 4 rollers
483. Large ute tool box
484. Pallet flat steel plate and checker plate
485. Pallet flat steel workshop bench tops
486. 5x large galvanized vents
487. Large pallet of assorted paint and solvents
488. Pallet of aluminium offcuts
489. Large tall steel cabinet
490. Aluminium step ladder
491. Vintage gas heater and flue
492. Terracotta chimney
493. Gas heater
494. Pallet of excavator bucket teeth, nuts and bolts etc
495. Box of plumbing fittings
496. Workshop dolly
497. Tennant gas-powered floor sweeper
498. Vintage timber extension ladder
499. 2x large Perspex signs
500. Vintage timber ladder
501. Quantity of mesh panels
502. Large metal screen
503. Steel table stand
504. Corrugated offcuts
505. Assortment of pipes, guttering and steel on rack (marked yellow)
506. Large pipe 500mm 3.3 metres stainless steel
507. Assorted short c section (marked blue pink)
508. 4x galvanized gates (marked orange green)
509. Large I beams and guard rail (marked yellow black)
510. Two large blue tarps
511. Supermodified sprint car, 138 Holden twin carbs, Max Robinson rims
512. Ute or trailer tub
513. Large lot of steel, I-beams and tin, including components for 42m x 14m shed, 4.6m to spout and 9.0m to ridge
514. Assortment of ute tray sides
515. Coolroom panels
516. Large tank on stand
517. Large pallet of wood, suit fire
518. Quantity of PVC pipe
519. 3x sheets 2400x1500 aluminium sheet + offcuts
520. 3x pipe vices and stand
521. 2x drum of aluminium off cuts
522. 2 pallets of pavers & blocks
523. Steel frame
524. Quantity of truck and car tires
525. Seven posts set in concrete, Ideal for fencing large area, will take a gate
526. Assortment of gates
527. 2x large metal frames
528. 20ft container
529. Approx. 25 boxes of rags
530. 4x Jackeroo rims
531. Pallet of mixed tarps
532. 40ft container
533. 3x approx. 10m railway iron lengths
534. 1 bottle trolley and bottle
535. Truck gearbox
536. Hot wash for resto
537. Engine stand
538. Wire slings
539. Middle shelf- containing large quantity rear off-road motorcycle tires
540. Top shelf- containing large quantity front off-road motorcycle tires
541. Hitachi metal cutoff saw
542. Early model sunshade
543. Truck mirrors
544. Metabo metal cutoff saw
545. 2x boxes assorted automotive parts etc
546. 2x electric motors
547. Reduction boxes with electric motor
548. Top shelf-containing stereo, gas bottles all ram light etc
549. Hand swage for restoration
550. Remainder of middle shelf containing copper pipe gas bits etc
551. Vintage hole makers
552. Bottom shelf-containing toolbox, bbq jack heater
553. Bucket of brackets
554. 2 crates- large quantity of lead
555. Tool box Mobil full
556. Comealong
557. 3x pulleys and hook
558. Assorted anvils 3 + 1
559. Vintage handbasin blue with taps (retro)
560. 2 spray paint trestles
561. 6 rims
562. Large industrial exhaust fan
563. Large Mackay boat trailer on roof of container
564. F truck well, ute back with + f350 diff and front end + tail shafts
565. Large quantity of cliplock iron
566. Dolly trolly 4 car wheels
567. Pack of roofing sheets
568. Pack of roofing sheets
569. Pack of roofing sheets
570. Approx. 10 I-beams of assorted lengths (marked blue & green)
571. Large quantity of short fencing panel (marked blue and pink)
572. Large quantity of short fencing panel (marked pink and yellow)
573. Large quantity of assorted steel large I beam perlins etc (marked pink and green)
574. Large quantity of assorted large steel beams, roof iron (marked green and yellow)
575. Quantity steel beam and frames + cage (marked pink, blue, yellow)
576. Approx. 13 I-beams 3000 x 450mm
577. Assorted steel, big pot, steel pallet and frame (marked yellow black)
578. Large quantity roofing iron, gutterers (marked green and black)
579. Fabrication table
580. F truck cabin and pallet of parts
581. 4 rims and tires 4x4
582. 4 rims and tires 4x4
583. 4 rims and tires 4x4 4 chrome
584. 4 rims and tires 4x4
585. 3x metal pallets
586. 4x Mitsubishi alloy car rims
587. Quantity of quick lock sheets
588. 4 tires and rims (marked blue and black)
589. Remainder of tires and rims (approx. 25)
590. Rolling work trolley
591. Assorted perlins
592. 6 Acrow props and adjustable feet
593. 7 small metal posts
594. Forklift extension
595. Ranger ute tub with lights
596. Hugh Jarce BBQ (Extra large)
597. Forklift crane jib and small jib
598. 3740mm galvanized roller door
599. 3100mm green roller door
600. 3100mm cream roller door
601. Large esky
602. 3 large metal trestles
603. Assorted galvanized and stainless steel
604. 2x large stainless tanks
605. Tank roller
606. Rolls of conveyor belt
607. Steel frames
608. 8x plastic truck mud guards
609. 3x 44-gallon oil drums
610. large air compressor
611. aluminium plank
612. Aluminium plank, whirly bird + beam
613. aluminium plank
614. Navara ute flat tray 465,000km 1974 (Registered)
615. Roof top air whirley, aluminium plank etc
616. Large quantity stainless steel
617. 3 large sheet aluminium
618. Massive water tub
619. 4 tires and rims suit F350
620. LJ Torana parts
621. Early Holden parts
622. 253 Holden v8
623. 5 early model Holden rims
624. 3-phase 2 post car hoist (for resto)
625. 2 tractor bonnets
626. Large lockable cabinet
627. Hydraulic control valves and fitting
628. Large metal bucket
629. Large portable pipe threader
630. Heavy duty workbench with drawer and vice
631. 5x boxes 150mm fasteners NIB
632. Pin welder stud welder
633. 5x boxes 150mm fasteners NIB
634. 2 very large aluminium A-frame trestles 4.5m
635. 1 very large aluminium A-frame trestle 4.5m
636. Quantity large pry bars
637. Large aluminium ladder
638. Large aluminium ladder
639. Aluminium extension ladder
640. 3 ladder, combination, small, step
641. Large quantity lifting gear, slings, stops, plate clamp, chain block, shackles and chains
642. 2x large adjustable pipe wrenches (monkey wrenches)
643. Assorted tools- post hole digger, spade, scraper etc
644. Quantity of bay lights
645. Manual pipe bender
646. Petrol power washer
647. Roll new zinc
648. Harvest tynes NEW
649. Light shades retro grey enamel
650. 1x blue ute tool box
651. 1x black toolbox
652. 3x tool boxes
653. Box of assorted fixings
654. Box of paints
655. Truck tie down and bits
656. Large exhaust fan
657. Stainless steel esky and disc tight etc
658. 3 metal decorative pieces
659. Portable pipe vice
660. Old work trolley-metal and wood
661. Pallet trolley
662. Assorted temporary barrier orange fencing
663. Large amount of scaffolding, including ladder
664. Large amount of scaffolding,
665. Large quantity new flashing (top shelf)
666. Large quantity new flashing (Second from top shelf)
667. Large quantity new flashing (Second from bottom shelf)
668. Large quantity new flashing (Bottom shelf)
669. Approx. 14 bulk bags
670. Approx. 14 bulk bags
671. Lot of new flashings
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