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Catalogue for auction #390
Sat 4th September - On Site - Grandview Drive, South Spreyton - viewing from 9am on 04 o Sep 2021 @ 10:30

1. Large ceramic pot
2. Leather NZ tripod stool
3. Kauri turned leg side table
4. Ceramic jug, Maltese glassware etc
5. Myrtle burl turned timber bowl + 4x carved owls
6. 2x jester hanging art works
7. Ceramic water feature
8. 3x boxes assorted homewares
9. Teak hanging wall mirror
10. Assorted ceramicware incl. 3x ducks
11. Brass religious wall plate
12. Ceramic and metal chimes
13. 7x assorted homewares incl. parquetry artwork
14. Marble-based lamp
15. Timber TV cupboard
16. Kauri tall standard lamp
17. Mahogany 3-legged inlaid/boxed wine table
18. Large teak display cupboard
19. Anne Hathaway’s collector ceramic cottage
20. 3-piece Durt china tea set
21. Crown Staffordshire bone china cup and saucer
22. 3-piece royal Grafton bone china tea set
23. Whole shelf incl. chinaware
24. Shelf containing crystal glassware + decanter
25. Shelf containing assorted timber servingware
26. 6x kauri timber goblets and tray
27. 2x geode dragon eggs
28. Mirrored serving tray
29. Royal Copenhagen lambs
30. English porcelain horse
31. 5x assorted jewellery incl. Australian opal
32. 5x window furnishings (in kitchen and loungeroom)
33. Timber plant stand + 11 pots
34. Timber TV cabinet, DVD player, VHS player and tapes
35. Box containing large quantity geodes + prehistoric amber and doorstop
36. Crown Ducal English vase
37. 1981 Aynsley English wall plate (horseracing)
38. Churchill: His Life and Times vintage book
39. 8x assorted vintage/antique books
40. 8x assorted turned timber products + carved statue
41. 16x assorted royal memorabilia incl. com pin, spoons and pocket knife
42. Mahogany 3-shelf display unit
43. Shelf of assorted ceramic/chinaware incl. Prinknash pottery
44. Assorted owl collectables etc
45. 3x Wedgewood English pottery
46. Bottom shelf containing assorted chinaware and collectables
47. Retro padded footstool
48. 2x vintage books incl. German Olympic 1936
49. Basket containing assorted jewellery incl. vintage
50. Antique leather and timber doorstop
51. 1981 Prince of Wales and Lady Di silver coin
52. 1977 Elizabeth II DG REGFD silver coin
53. Churchill 1965 silver coin
54. 50 shilling 1964 Olympic commemorative coin
55. 1977 Elizabeth II silver coin
56. 1966 Bailiwick of Guernsey 10 shilling silver coin
57. Basket containing assorted tractor and diesel badges
58. 3x vintage travel clocks and chess clock
59. 2x jars cont. gold and gold flakes
60. Gold bracelet
61. 22-carat gold ring
62. 2x art deco brooches
63. Basket cont. antique teaspoons
64. Basket cont. assorted collectables incl. miniature level etc
65. Basket cont. 5x collector spoons
66. Basket cont. vintage smoking collectables
67. Basket cont. assorted collectables incl. ink wells, art deco jewellery, box etc
68. 2x vintage brass horn and bullet casing
69. Tasco 12x25 binoculars
70. 2x womens vintage fur coats
71. Vintage metal tea tin
72. Rosewood inlaid vintage jewellery box + keys
73. 2x miniature anvils
74. Ceramic brooch
75. Rosewood jewellery box with inlaid mother-of-pearl + ring boxes
76. 3x coin art pieces incl. ring
77. Basket cont. 2x vintage compasses English ACME
78. copper light shade + brass electrical component
79. 12x assorted pottery incl. Langley Halkham
80. glass and mahogany 3-shelf display unit
81. 2x crystalware incl. jug
82. Anstey Wilson English coach clock
83. 4x assorted chinaware incl. Aynsley & Sadler
84. top shelf of crystalware x12
85. 5x assorted collectables
86. The Bothy by David Winter collectable cottage
87. miniature Royal Albert tea/cup saucer + 3 bone china thimbles and large cup & saucer
88. crystal vase
89. 3x hanging framed art works
90. 9x assorted owl collectables
91. tiled Spanish metal framed table
92. vintage brass cow bell
93. oriental meditation balls + glass paper weight
94. Hutton Sheffield English pewter pot with donger
95. Italian china hand-painted decorative bell
96. cast iron camp oven (new, red)
97. copper tea pot and stand (vintage)
98. 5x assorted trinket boxes
99. assorted homewares on table inc. miniature copper teapot
100. 2-drawer mahogany coffee table
101. Green leather single recliner armchair
102. 2x hanging wall plates Staffordshire bone china and metal hanging rack
103. 3-piece green padded lounge incl. 2 recliners
104. Framed J. Vandier art work
105. 5-shelf timber unit
106. Top shelf of assorted homewares incl. Valceva Stellian bowl
107. Shelf containing 14x assorted turned timber vases etc
108. Shelf containing 9x assorted homewares incl. candles
109. 2 shelves gardening books
110. Box containing Medallion cognac
111. 3x teak timber nesting tables
112. Retro Panasonic portable radio and vintage massage machine
113. 11x assorted homewares on table
114. 4-shelf timber bookshelf
115. Miniature working steam engine
116. Sassafras address book
117. Royal Crown Derby bone china wall plate
118. 9x vintage automotive manuals and books
119. Top shelf of assorted health and wellbeing books
120. 2 shelves of assorted books
121. Box containing assorted shells and coral
122. 9x assorted homewares including Franciscan English pottery
123. 5x assorted homewares including heater & Guinness book of Records
124. Small brass nautical clock
125. Antique mystery item
126. Hanging timber mirror
127. 3x West German ceramic pots
128. Ceramic pot containing copper water feature
129. 3x assorted homewares including glasses, plasticware etc
130. Box containing assorted glassware and china
131. Box containing assorted cookware
132. Denby pottery book + pottery cutlery set
133. 3x assorted lamps including marble-based lamp
134. Cane pot stand etc
135. Brass fireside set and firescreen
136. 6 seater mahogany extendable dining table with chairs
137. 4x boxes assorted glassware and cookware
138. 18 piece Elizabethan bone china dinner set on stand
139. 51 piece Paragon bone china dinner set
140. Assorted homewares including boxed spoons, placemats etc
141. 3x Timber trinket boxes
142. Silver plate serving platter and glass etched box
143. 2x boxes of assorted kitchenware, cookware and cutlery
144. Metal rolling kitchen trolley stool etc
145. Box containing assorted homewares including radio and digital camera
146. LG HD TV with remove
147. Electrolux fridge/freezer combo
148. Sharp carousel microwave
149. 2-door, 1-drawer timber cabinet on wheels
150. Copper LMS vintage pourer jug
151. 2-piece Aynsley butterfly bone china
152. The Dukeries second world war ordnance survey of England and Wales 1932
153. 32x vintage and antique collectable books
154. Quantity of assorted cleaning products
155. S. Pearson & Co. Sheffield carving set
156. Assorted tins, cutting boards, cookbooks etc
157. Tefal pressure cooker
158. Top cook toaster oven, iron + kettle
159. Large quantity of pottery, collector plate etc
160. American red oak corner table
161. 3x watercolour framed prints
162. Miniature spinning wheel
163. Vintage brass kerosene lantern including bulb
164. 4x assorted turned timber products
165. 3-piece padded cane chairs and table
166. 2x gold framed farm scene artworks
167. 4x assorted framed artworks
168. 2x padded art deco chairs and cushions
169. Sony entertainment system
170. Rolling office chair
171. Technics organ, stool and music
172. 2x classic motorcycle books
173. 2x boxes of assorted homewares
174. 2x boxes of assorted glassware + china including Wedgwood
175. Box containing assorted homewares
176. Box containing German tea set
177. 2x boxes assorted electrical kitchen appliances incl. processor
178. Box of assorted homewares
179. Art deco display cabinet
180. Assorted Dutch and Swiss collectables incl. clogs, bone horn etc
181. Box containing glasses
182. Assorted homewares, including Mixmaster
183. Shelf containing assorted cameras etc + Electrolux vacuum
184. Large quantity mens jackets and jumpers (hanging)
185. New suitcase
186. Single bed + mattress
187. Quantity of blankets incl. woollen
188. Lockable wardrobe
189. Quantity womens jackets and jumpers
190. Italian lamp + marble lamps + table
191. 2x sleeping bags + bags
192. Large quantity womens clothing incl. gloves, scarves, jumpers etc
193. Sony record player and records
194. 5x assorted wall hangings
195. Quantity of materials, ironing board, sewing machine etc
196. Beautiful mahogany flame period timber 5-drawer dresser
197. 4x framed art works
198. Gothic/art deco queen bed with mattress
199. Quantity womens clothing on bed incl. suitcase
200. Assorted blankets incl. woollen
201. Shelf containing farming + machinery books
202. Shelf containing new giftwares incl. new electric blanket
203. Large quantity bedding and linen (2x shelves)
204. Quantity new mens flanellette shirts
205. Large quantity womens clothing on rack + on hangers on bed
206. Padded art deco dressing chair
207. English oak carved blanket box and contents
208. Doilies + table cloths in box
209. Computer desk + printer + 2x bedside tables
210. Handbag collection
211. Figured mahogany 7-drawer chest of drawers
212. 2x single beds + mattress, bedding and electrical blanket
213. Assorted fine fibres clothing incl. alpaca, possum etc
214. Picnic basket and contents
215. Lockable 2-drawer filing cabinet
216. 3x gold and glass touch lamps
217. Art deco dresser
218. Quantity of homewares incl. oriental fans and artwork
219. Bag of costume jewellery
220. Assorted china incl. Aynsley
221. 3x boxes assorted mens shoes, sizes 8 ½-10
222. Very large quantity of boxes (new) and used ladies shoes sizes 8-10
223. 3x bedrooms of window dressings
224. 6x hanging artworks and floral arrangements in master bedroom
225. Assorted medical supports + first aid and stools
226. Quantity Christmas decorations
227. Large quantity of bathroom products on table
228. Cane stand, shelves, artificial plants etc
229. Quantity of new towels
230. Assorted electrical appliances
231. Assorted bathroom products incl. perfumes etc
232. Large quantity as new and used men’s clothing incl. jeans
233. Large rectangular timber framed mirror
234. 2x framed prints
235. 2x shelves linen and pillows
236. 2x shelves assorted homewares incl. shoe cleaning
237. 2x shelves of linen
238. 3x boxes Tupperware
239. Suitcase containing women’s clothing
240. Miele front load washer
241. Assorted cleaning products
242. 2-seater timber outdoor bench seat
243. 6x garden ornaments incl. bird bath
244. 12x assorted garden ornaments incl. owl
245. 4x potted plants and pots
246. Metal outdoor table with 4 chairs
247. Large quantity garden pots under cover incl. chairs and wine barrel
248. 3x box containing workshop books + manuals + magazines etc
249. Vintage 10-drawer metal filing unit
250. 3x vintage rabbit traps
251. 2-bike bike rack
252. Large quantity tractor magazines and shelving unit
253. Quantity gumboots, coats and assorted clothing
254. Vintage ski gear etc
255. Assorted outdoor gear incl. bbq, esky, chair etc
256. Large marble slab
257. Truck exhaust stack, chrome
258. Bird bath
259. Vintage plough/garden art
260. Assorted vintage canvas bags
261. WEIDR exercise machine
262. Large quantity shoes and boots in tea chest
263. 4-shelf metal unit including contents
264. Large roll clear plastic etc
265. Internal door
266. Mops, carpet, scrap metal etc
267. Assorted metal folk art
268. Pressedcold tuckerbox freezer
269. Pressedcold fridge/freezer combo
270. Stainless steel jam pan etc
271. 2x shelving units
272. 1a dollarmite hiking boots
273. Dawes folding bike + helmet
274. Vintage Comac motorbike helmet + 2 pairs of gloves
275. Top shelf assorted workshop products
276. Part milk separator
277. Machete + large chain hook
278. Vintage oil can + funnel
279. 2x boxes workshop products on shelf
280. Size 10 bench vice
281. Shelf of assorted tools + workshop products
282. Lower shelf assorted products incl. punches, drifts, clamps etc
283. Vintage garden fork contraption
284. 3x vintage wheels
285. Oil pump, electric whipper snipper etc
286. Battery-powered worx whipper snipper, hedge trimmer (working)
287. Air compressor + sprayer
288. Antique communication device
289. 2x socket sets + tension wrench
290. 2x ratchet straps (large)
291. Toolbox + quantity electric power tools
292. 2x boxes assorted workshop products etc (under bench)
293. Vintage metal trunk (coppersmith-Nottingham)
294. 5x shelves assorted workshop products
295. Large workshop bench
296. Anvil, copper wedge, axe heads etc
297. Box containing vintage tools
298. Assorted tools + workshop products (hanging in middle bay)
299. 3x shelves assorted scrap, workshop products etc (right side)
300. Gantry with block and tackle
301. Assorted hand tools/garden + articulated trolley + wheelbarrow
302. Arc welder
303. 3x tea chests
304. Vintage cream can
305. Wall of garden products, tools, 3x shelving etc
306. Oil drum, rope etc
307. Trolley of assorted workshop + garden products + homemade compressor
308. Electric grinding wheel + metal stepladder
309. Solid metal articulated trolley
310. Metal shelving unit + contents
311. Drill press + stand and bag trolley
312. Assorted scrap metal, timber, pigeon holes, nuts, bolts etc
313. Hand-operated drill + bit
314. Assorted timber
315. Vintage timber extension ladder
316. **WITHDRAWN**Honda self-driven lawn mower etc
317. AMC ride-on mower (Australian made)
318. Galvanized mesh + gates, drums etc
319. Raleigh vintage bicycle including parts and accessories
320. 1991 Telstar TX5 GHIA manual 300,000km, one owner (no rego)
321. 2002 Honda CRV manual 2.2 litre, 340,000km, one owner, tidy
322. 1960 Triumph motorcycle (bathtub) matching chassis and engine numbers
323. Vintage wooden box
324. Vintage carbide light
325. 5 metre Stessl tri hull, 2007 mercury optimax 90hp. Trailer and boat registered.
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