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Catalogue for auction #393
Mary street, Heybridge, Sat Nov 6th. Viewing from 9am, auction starts at 10:30. on 06 o Nov 2021 @ 10:30

1. Stihl 051 AV chainsaw, wedges, sharpening tools etc
2. Quantity hand tools incl. picks, shovels etc
3. Quantity hand tools incl. picks, shovels, pitchforks etc + jerry can
4. 4x farm gates and screens
5. Large stack specialty timbers incl. King Billy (marked purple)
6. Large stack specialty timbers incl. King Billy (marked blue)
7. 2x rolls chicken wire + gate panel + flue
8. Incinerator
9. Vintage copper boiler
10. Large quantity garden hoses etc
11. Quantity aluminium scaffold poles
12. 2x A frame scaffolds + aluminium ladder
13. 2x checkerplate fabricated steps
14. Quantity garden hose
15. 5x assorted lengths irrigation pipe
16. Massey-Ferguson 35X tractor, diesel, 3PL, C/W (Wide tyres)
17. Ferguson 3 furrow plough with skeeths
18. 3 furrow moulder/scarifier (3PL)
19. Pile of firewood
20. Steel carry-all
21. Tipping scoop
22. Rear end crane (3PL)
23. Quantity star pickets + stakes
24. 2tn geared hand winch
25. Timber stakes + 2x part roll wire
26. 2x steel fabrication tables
27. Trewella jack and anchor lift
28. 1000ltr tank
29. 5x assorted drums & lids
30. Top shelf assorted workshop products incl. fire extinguisher
31. Makita angle grinder + AEG sander
32. Assorted spray guns + equipment
33. Assorted automotive gear incl. impact driver/grease gun
34. Air tools incl. sander chisel and grinder
35. 3-phase extension cord
36. Halogen workshop light + assorted globes
37. 2x NIB 250mm ceiling exhaust fans
38. Box of generators etc
39. Jerry can
40. Assorted electrical switchboards and cable (on floor)
41. Air hose x3
42. Peerless floor drill no 3MT spindle C/W selection of twist drills
43. Floor jack, jack stands, tyre levers
44. Drill bits on wall + boxed
45. 2x plastic tool boxes containing assorted chisels, drifts & wedges
46. 2x boxes wire rope, chains & 2 dogs
47. Metal tool box containing pulleys, hooks & shackles
48. Large red industrial pulley (hanging)
49. Fire control torch
50. Box cont. assorted tie downs & straps
51. Comealong + large dog
52. MVP super buffer
53. Shelf containing assorted rope, trims etc
54. Tub containing assorted valve tools etc
55. Sprinkler + irrigation parts
56. Blue toolbox containing spanners
57. Large galvanized toolbox containing assorted large quantity sockets etc
58. Forge hand tools
59. Large roll brown paper
60. Sand blasting gun, buckets etc
61. Industrial workshop light and stand
62. Jumper leads
63. Tractor oil x3 drums
64. Demco Record metal centre lathe 36” BC C/W floor stand & coolant tank + large number of accessories, cutting tools & metal offcuts
65. Unusual compartment steel toolbox
66. Large metal workshop shelves x2
67. Shelf containing assorted firefighting hose
68. Box containing large quantity assorted fasteners
69. Small box containing assorted nails etc
70. 2x tool boxes miscellaneous tools
71. Toolbox containing 2x oil cans and tools
72. Toolbox containing assorted hammers
73. Red toolbox containing drill bits & augers
74. Veneer in timber case (Mintoyo)
75. Assorted allen keys
76. Toolbox containing assorted hand tools
77. Wooden box containing assorted punches
78. As-new 850W Hurricane petrol generator
79. Box containing panel beating tools
80. 2x angle grinders
81. Toolbox containing quantity sockets + pigeon hole
82. 2-door vintage wardrobe
83. Large 2-door rolling cabinet
84. Box of fasteners, boxes and tubs + rolling creeper
85. Sidchrome ¾ drive socket set
86. Toolbox containing tap and dies
87. Wooden box of assorted lathe accessories
88. Mobile steel work bench
89. Large Rota toolbox incl. tools
90. Sidchrome tool box incl. tools
91. Contents of bottom shelf of bench
92. Work bench on wheels with handles
93. 4 speakers on stands
94. Assorted CDs and books
95. Box assorted sewing books (Golden Hands)
96. 2x box books (on floor)
97. 2x boxes of records
98. Morter and pestle & glass cloche
99. 4x box assorted books
100. Box containing assorted glassware
101. 2x boxes assorted books (on table)
102. 3x boxes assorted books
103. Ladies vintage fur coat
104. Quantity binders & folders
105. Box of assorted glassware incl. decanter
106. Container of glass beads
107. 3x boxes of assorted books
108. Box containing assorted garden books
109. 3-drawer bedside table
110. Light brown cane coat rack
111. 6x tartan kilts
112. 2x pleated blue skirts
113. 2x navy jackets- leather, cashmere
114. Dark brown cane coat rack
115. Vintage womens furs + vintage coat bag
116. 2x box assorted glassware and homewares
117. Rolling phone table + ironing board
118. 1x box assorted books
119. 2x box assorted glassware and homewares
120. Panasonic CD player
121. Meat slicer, freezer bricks etc
122. Box of assorted homewares incl. Tupperware jug
123. Box assorted ornaments incl. oriental
124. Folding aluminium ladder
125. 2x art deco lounge chairs
126. 2x boxes assorted homewares incl. plungers
127. Vintage ladies fur coat
128. 4x boxes assorted homewares incl. globes + ladies clothing
129. 2x boxes assorted homewares incl. plungers, clock, blender
130. Small curved leg TV unit
131. Box containing assorted homewares incl. toaster
132. Demijohn, glassware etc
133. Box containing LPs
134. 2x boxes assorted books
135. 3x benchtop warming trays
136. 2x gas burners
137. Assorted hand tools incl. axes and prybars (marked green tape)
138. Box of assorted PVC parts + workshop roller
139. Vintage workshop drawer unit + contents
140. Shelf of assorted paint products
141. Small red toolbox containing assorted hand tools
142. Large electric motor
143. 4x boxes of assorted irrigation parts
144. Large workshop cabinet
145. 3x stools
146. 2x crosscut saw
147. Workshop bench grinder
148. Box containing grinding and cut-off discs
149. 16-drawer pigeon hole parts unit
150. GMF200mm benchtop grinder
151. 4-drawer cabinet
152. Makita 355mm metal cut-off saw
153. Assorted plumbing, shark bite etc
154. 12-drawer vintage unit + 4x single trays
155. Assorted scrap metal in shelves + on floor incl. large pipe
156. Log turner + large pry bar
157. Large quantity pigeon holes on wall + contents
158. 2x electric sanders
159. Green tub of assorted fasteners + red parts drawers
160. Solid square axle
161. 5x vintage wooden boxes
162. 2x electrical sanders + Makita drill
163. Angle grinder stand + cutting tool
164. Metal lathe tooling in blue box
165. Large no. 6 bench vice + automotive parts
166. Aluminium folding stepladder
167. 2x boxes containing screwdrivers & files
168. Tap & die + angle vice
169. 3x toolboxes incl. screwdriver, hammer and files
170. 3x monkey wrenches
171. Red air compressor
172. Black Ridge BRC 200 air compressor
173. Oz Trail queen size bed frame & air mattress
174. 2x battery chargers
175. Large quantity power boards/workshop lights
176. UNI-MIG ARK 140DC inverter portable caddy welder in bag
177. Shelf containing assorted welding products including rods, gauges, masks, protective gear etc
178. Contents of rafters including large plank
179. Lincoln 200AMP industrial/farm welder & leads
180. Blacksmith forge with electric draught blower + 2 barrels of coal & cage (outside)
181. Vintage bag trolley
182. Hanging set square, straight edge etc
183. Folding gazebo/pergola
184. HD Ripping saw bench 400mm blade
185. Petrol garden edger
186. Large box of assorted fasteners
187. Party Master large plate 4-burner barbecue
188. Box containing assorted garden tools incl. secateurs
189. Box of assorted wheels + extension cords + light
190. 2x boxes of assorted camping equipment
191. Small folding rose table
192. Tub containing chains and hooks
193. Large camp oven
194. Circular saw & Makita drill
195. Small vinyl table
196. Tub of electrical tools, sander, drill, grinder
197. 2x stainless buckets
198. 3x wooden handmade artworks
199. Timber bookshelf
200. Contents of bookshelf
201. Shop Vax electric vacuum cleaner
202. Gerni classic 100 pressure cleaner
203. Tub Dewalt battery drills
204. Wooden box of chains
205. 2x white melamine cabinets
206. Contents of cabinet incl. globes, stool etc
207. 2-burner portable gas stove
208. Tub of assorted hand tools
209. Log grabber
210. 3-shelf rolling work trolley
211. Aluminium step ladder
212. 4-drawer lockable filing cabinet
213. Stihl 032AV chainsaws, wedges + protective gear
214. Folding Gorilla platform
215. Assorted timber
216. Makita heat gun, drill and circular saw
217. Makita angle grinder + Bosch drill
218. Portable drill press & cutting tool
219. Large drill
220. Large grinder
221. Makita drill + finger sander
222. Assorted power tools
223. Reciprocating saw
224. Roof harness
225. Hole saw & screwdriver set
226. Lathe and wood chisels
227. Assorted sanding and concreting tools
228. Saw blades and assorted hand tools
229. 6x internal doors and folding table
230. Yard Man Magni-torque self-propelled mulcher lawn mower
231. Metal wheelbarrow and watering cans
232. Vinaro 380ST Morrison lawn mower
233. Folding work platform and 2x rolling workshop trestles
234. Assorted glue silicon + large quantity of clamps
235. Makita & Ryobi sander combo
236. JBS 4x6 industrial belt and disc sander
237. Assorted chucks and drill bits
238. Makita router and bits
239. Ryobi belt sander
240. Small electric screwdriver
241. Box containing assorted sanding products & drill sander
242. Bosch jigsaw
243. Air stapler + stapling accessories + hand stapler
244. Ryobi biscuit joiner + biscuits
245. Makita LS1030 cutoff saw
246. Ryobi variable speed scroll saw
247. Rolling workshop trolley
248. Bag trolley
249. Assorted garden hand tools incl. post hole digger
250. Triton router and jigsaw stand series 2000 + dust collector
251. Carbitool router carver frame template pack (includes dolphin, eagle & longhorn)
252. Triton router stand and table RSA300
253. Assorted garden tools (marked with green tape)
254. Triton work centre MK-3 sawbench
255. Work centre extension arms & bench
256. Hurricane 225kg portable work platform
257. Stihl whipper snipper & FS 55C brush cutter parts
258. ELU 200mm jointer/thicknesser
259. Large Planeta chain block (not incl. red chain block)
260. Mobility scooter GO chair with charger (working)
261. Workshop desk & metal/timber stand
262. Ariens Rocket V rear cutting rotary hoe
263. MTD 5HP chipper/shredder
264. Assorted fertilizer spreaders
265. Large quantity of assorted automobile & workshop solvents, thinners etc
266. Bamford petrol engine single furrow plough (requires minor repair)
267. Single axle trailer 2.4m x 1.5m with jockey wheel (registered)
268. 2x metal workshop shelving + large quantity of shelving
269. 21A rear forklift
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